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12 August
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK

Photon Client SDKs v4.0.0.2 – Realtime, Turnbased and Chat

We’ve been in “Engineering Mode” for a while but now everything begins to come together. You can notice that when you take a look at our client SDKs, which begin to include all Photon client APIs in one package. It should be a lot easier to combine Realtime or Turnbased […]

7 May
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK
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Photon Client SDK v3.0.1.6 for Unity, Windows Phone and DotNet

When I zipped the packages for v3.0.1.6 today, I realized just how much happened since the last release. New builds have been in the Photon Unity Networking updates and some developers got updates in-between, but we didn’t have a proper update since end of February. So, what’s new? Not the […]

30 April
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK
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New Photon Server SDK v3 RC9

  As you may have seen with RC8 already we have concentrated our efforts in the last months to improve the stability and performance of photon. The last weeks have been the toughest due to some really nasty hard to reproduce bugs. Today we are really glad to announce the release of RC9 […]

20 April
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK
Comments Off Client SDKs for AndroidNDK, iOS, Marmalade, OS X and Windows

The new C, C++ and objC client SDKs version are out now! Get the new SDKs for Photon Server here and for Photon Cloud here. Important changes are: an improved debug output interface for C++ and objC: You now can just call .toString() on any object and you will get […]

15 March
Posted in Developer, Photon, SDK

Out now: Photon client SDKs for Android NDK!

The first Photon client SDKs (version for Android NDK are out now. Known issues: Only support for Android 2.3.0 and newer OS, support for 2.2.x is in the making; unicode support only for ascii characters, encoded as unicode, not for other unicode characters, yet, full unicode support is in […]

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